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Story about radioactivity included in radioactive substances in food New!!
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L.L.Zamenhof (1859-1917), the inventor of Esperanto

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to our homepage! Thank you for coming!

We would like you to know about the situation of the Esperanto activity of Hokkaido in Japan.
So we opened this Web-pages.

We are pleased, if I have you get interested and you consent to our activity.

In Esperanto]
NOTE: Hokkaido is the northernmost island in Japan.

We could help to make a translation of Esperanto-writing into Japanese depending on the situation. We made the Webpages in Esperanto.

The convention of HEL Presentation of the circles (Esperanto Society) in/about Hokkaido Presentation of Web pages of Esperanto in/about HokkaidoReceived articleContent of the past Cogress, Resolution and so on

HEL-electronic publication "Ainu Yukar"
This is electronic version of HEL publication, which is published as Esperanto version of "Ainu Yukar". For the present we prepare for it with Japanese version. NOTE: The Ainu race is Native Hokkaido. Yukar is their epic.

Esperanto Organization
JEI (Japanese Esperanto-Institute)UEA (Universal Esperanto-Association)SAT (Sennacieca(Abolished nation) Association Tutmonda(the whole world))ELNA (Esperanto-League de North-America)
This page links with each applicable pages in Esperanto.
To Tomakomai Esperanto Society To Esperanto club of Hokkaido University

Esperanto Access
You can serch verious Web pages of Esperanto with English and Esperanto.
Link to Web pages concerned with Esperanto
This link is made of the Japanese language. Informations about the link in Japan of the Web pages is described in detail.
Seoul Esperanto-culturecenter
This pages is made of the Korean language. Informations about the link in Korea is described in detail.
Vladivostok Esperanto-Club "Pacifiko"
This pages is made of the Rusia language. There is exprenation about Vizitors of HEL.

The most important internet newsgrupo of Esperanto: sol.culture.esperanto
Address of our e-mail

If you know the matters of Esperanto and events of Esperanto in/about Hokkaido, please inform us of it.

Secretariat of HEL:
(adreso): Uenae 129-66, Tomakomai, JAPANIO, JP 059-1365
(TEL/FAX): +81-144-58-2174

We will be waiting eagerly for your impression and opinion with e-mail.